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Diffuser Introduction

Good Qi’s Wealth Aromatic Diffuser enhances the manifestation of wealth and luck through the elevation of Qi.

It is formulated from natural ingredients and added with 100% pure essential oil. The soothing and calming scent emitted from the diffuser works intricately to enhance the attraction of wealth and luck. Good Qi’s new series, the Wealth Automatic DIffuser provides great benefits to our bodily organs as well as increases the inner Qi.

The inhaled scent also stimulates our brain functions while the rest that is circulating in the air is absorbed through the skin pores, fortifying the energy through immense radiance that enhances your wealth potential in life. Every space and area possess its own distinct “scent” which is a form of “Qi” or vibes. Good Qi’s Wealth Aromatic Diffuser is specially formulated to alter the vibes of the area into an accumulation of the Qi of Wealth.

The sandalwood used is obtained from the deep mountains of India. The extracted sandalwood essential oil spawns are particularly effective in coagulation and inducing calmness to our mind and body. When the aromatic fragrance is diffused in our home, one can immediately feel the relaxation in our body and enter into the mode of deep relaxation, promoting the clarity of mind that helps in decision making.

Marjoram nourishes the nerves and soothes the mood. Patchouli has the unique effect of dehumidification and sterilization that removes negative energy while at the same time draws positive energy. Good Qi’s Wealth Aromatic Diffuser transcends the inner self and your surroundings on the magnetization of wealth and luck.


Directions of use:

a) Remove the diffuser bottle and sticks from the containing box

b) Open the lid of the bottle

c) Insert the diffuser sticks at your preferred amount in accordance to the level of desired intensity


Product Ingredients: High grade Sandalwood, Marjoram, Patchouli essential oils


Date of Manufacture: Refer to Packaging Date of Expiry: 3 years



This product is not meant for oral consumption. Do not tilt the bottle to prevent from any leakage and damages. The usage of natural ingredients will cause discoloration to the diffuser overtime. Discoloration is normal and does not affect the quality of product. Avoid contact from your eyes, skin and clothing. Rinse with water immediately and consult a doctor as soon as possible if irritation occurs. This product should be kept away from open flames. Do not place it directly under sunlight or places with high temperature (such as in the car), paint materials, artificial leather, plastic products and other furniture. Please keep it out of reach from infants and pets.